moai at rano raraku  The Resilience of Easter Island

   A Historical Ethnography by Sebastiaan Roeling

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Extra Photos of Easter Island

On this page I would like to share some photos with you that were not selected for the book but give a nice impression of Easter Island.


Panorama view of Easter Island with Hanga Roa.
Rocky coast near Hanga Roa. Small beach at Hanga Roa.
Mainstreet of Hanga Roa. Library of Hanga Roa.
Surfing in the Bay of Cook. Playground and fitness equipment at Hanga Roa.
Catholic cemetery at Hanga Roa. Three Christian crosses at a hill near Hanga Roa.
Ahu Hotake near Hanga Roa. Small Catholic altar at mainstreet Hanga Roa.
Birdman at Rano Kau. Crater lake of Rano Kau.
Crater lake covered with reed at Rano Kau. The islets Motu Koa Koa, Motu Iti and Motu Nui seen from Orongo.
Hanga Roa seen from Rano Kau with Mataveri Airport. Southside of Easter Island seen from Rano Kau.
Southern coast of Easter Island. The entrance of the Ana Kai Tangata cave.
Petroglyphs of the manutara bird at Ana Kai Tangata. Tourists visiting the quarry of Rano Raraku.
Moai near crater lake at Rano Raraku. Crater lake at Rano Raraku.
Fallen moai at Rano Raraku. View seen from Rano Raraku, yes there are trees on Easter Island!
Unfinished moai at the quarry of Rano Raraku. Flowers at Rano Raraku.
Side view of moai Tukuturi, the only moai with legs. Full view of Moai Ko Kona He Roa with European ship.
Two moai at Tongariki. Entertainment at sea.
Anakena Beach. Restaurants offering empañadas at Anakena.
Rapa Nui wave goodbye. Sunset at Easter Island.

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